Telecoomun. Eng. Lab.
Dep. of Inform. & Commun. Eng.
Fac. of Comput. Sci. & Syst. Eng.
Okayama Prefectural Univ.
111, Kuboki, Soja, 719-1197 JAPAN

Room: 2405

Lecturing (2023)

Undergraduate: Fourier Analysis
Undergraduate: Coding THeory
Undergraduate: Communication Systems II
Graduate (Master): Advanced Coding Theory
Graduate (Doctorial): Theory of Digital Communication Systems

◆Office Hour: 17:00-, Monday

Research Areas

Communication Engineering
Coding Theory
Error Control Protocols
Random Access Protocols

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Affiliated Academic Societies

IEICE (Inst. of Electron., Inform. and Commun. Eng.)
IEEJ (Inst. of Electr. Eng. Japan)
JADE (Japan Assoc. for Developmental Edu.)
IDE (Inst. Development of Higher Edu.)